iParamed is a young startup with experienced people in their respective fields. Our team includes people who are from different backgrounds and are passionate about what they do. We have curious tech team members who love pushing their limits, doctors who value technology‘s support for healthcare, and an operation team that pushes hard to bring our solutions to market. For us at iParamed to see how our solutions, starting with tele ICU monitoring, can provide real value to each and every single patient and help doctors and nurses doing their job everyday is very fulfilling.

Dr. Nam Le (CEO)
Nam enjoys setting up teams to run a startup, and his mission at iParamed is to help the Tech team bringing products from idea stage to development and then to market. He likes the challenging nature of running a startup, which requires entrepreneurship, creativity and problem solving skills.
Nam graduated from Hamburg University of Technology as an Engineer, after which we completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge. He previously worked with McKinsey & Company.

Dr. Son Nguyen (Chief Medical Officer)

Dr. Son is collaborating with many public hospitals and private clinics in Vietnam, France and Germany. He started at Bach Mai University Hospital after his medical training at University of Medicine. Dr. Son also completed various trainings continuously from 2003 – 2008 in France and Germany. From 2009 – 2015 Dr. Son held the position of Head of Hepato-Gastroenterology Department and member of Medical Board at FV Hospital. After that he works as expert medical doctor and specialist consultant at Vinmec Hospitals and Saint Paul Hospital. Dr Son is also founder and medical director of Paramed clinics in Vietnam. Beside his work Dr. Son always has had a strong interest in applying technology in healthcare including telemedicine. At iParamed, Dr. Son holds a key role in product development as well as in liaison with medical institutions.

Bang Dao (CTO)

Bang T. Dao has more than 14 years of experience in the tech industry. Over the years, Bang has given his expertise to many emblematic developments, including FreeC, The Luxe Nomad, Inspectorio and East Agile. He is the author of idea and MVP of Bluezone.